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Empowering lives through innovations

STEM Resources
Augmented Intelligence Research Agency



AI-based solutions for business, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and cybersecurity

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  Data Engineering Parnter

Data engineering from disparate public data sources

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  Project Management & Quality Assurance

Projects designed and guided by project management institute principles

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Consulting Services

Grants proposals to project development using novel predictive modeling techniques

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Our Values

Empowering lives through innovations & Enhancing our World


Our Mission

Our goal is to change the world for the better, by providing communities with the tools they need to expand their knowledge of the world.


Our Philosophy

STEM Resources is a for-profit social enterprise designed to support diverse communities. Doing good is the core of our business, not just something that happens along the way.

Featured Projects

STEM Resources, has unique expertise to leverage emerging technologies in data engineering and artificial intelligence to provide tangible solutions to diverse communities

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